EGA Comercio de la Madera

EGA Comercio de la Madera


In EGA Timber Trade we are excited about our work and enjoyed our profession. We share this passion with our customers. Being specialists rosewood
EGA Comercio de la Madera


As specialists in wood rosewood. Here you can find sawnwood, veneer and semifinished materials to develop their projects and can count on our support and expertise to desenvolupar their ideas.
EGA Comercio de la Madera


Singular EGA represents the experience, knowledge and respect what nature gives us.
The culmination of experience, with tropical and exotic woods of great value, are each of the items designed and created by us palisnadro wood and many other species, that Singular EGA can find.
In the catalog, you can see in picture and detailed description ng, products and / or decorative items that we currently have and in stock in our warehouse and its availability. If not more, they can be found in this, an idea of what we produce and what we can offer.
In this section, we thank provide us with relative detail, the interest they may have, both in the type of product, species, dimensions, quality and / or any other feature that facilitates us to successfully carry out their demands and / or needs .